White Noise System With Wireless Blue Tooth Speakers

The value of a good white noise machine is widely understated. That is, until you experience it’s power.

Having trouble getting a full night of deep every night? Try a white noise machine. Need to make your conversations more private? Try a white noise machine. Have stressed or anxious pets? Yep, you guessed it. Try a white noise machine.

But the most useful thing you can do with one of these gadgets, besides drowning out your husband’s snoring, is lull your newborn babe to sleep. Parents everywhere are raving about the benefits of using a white noise system in their child’s nursery.

If you really want to see the most benefits, you have to find just the right noise machine. One that actually blocks out unwanted noise and distractions.

I know what you’re thinking, “Where do I start?”

Well, we’ve got you covered. This white noise system with wireless blue tooth speakers is all that and a bag of not so noisy chips!

What system am I talking about? It’s called the Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sound Therapy System.

This white noise machine with wireless blue tooth speakers:

  • has a timer for short day-time naps;
  • blocks out unwanted noise from neighbors, the living room TV, and others;
  • is small enough to carry with you while traveling;
  • has 10 built-in sounds to help you sleep better, including white noise;
  • has bluetooth capabilities, so you can play new music or sounds from your mobile device or laptop from up to 30 feet away;
  • has adjustable volume;
  • has amazing bass and sound capabilities for such a compact size;
  • comes with power cords and a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that can last 5-8 hours on one charge.

There are 500 million people around the globe who have trouble sleeping. Each year, these people spend $16 billion dollars for treatment. Why not spend $60 on one of these machines that can be used for far more than just nighttime sleep. It has been found to be useful in settings such as daycares, dorm rooms, at the office, apartments, at home, and anywhere else you can think of.

The built-in sounds come on a micro SD card, so it can be removed and another one, with new music and sounds, can be inserted in it’s place. This allows for endless built-in sound options.

What does all this mean for mom and dad?

Putting your little one to bed can be challenging. But now, with this white noise system with wireless bluetooth speakers at your disposal, those noisy neighbors and that incessant dog down the street are irrelevant. You can now let this machine do all the work for you, even at nap time!

With an investment of less than $60, you can enjoy the Sound Oasis in all the places you need it most, including on the go.

  • Pros: portable, affordable, a wide variety of uses, better sleep, helps treat tinnitus, built-in and bluetooth sound options, great sound, and a long-lasting battery pack
  • Cons: there have been complaints that the SD card may skip

Final Thoughts

There are far more reasons to love than to hate the Sound Oasis. Your baby can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and you can get more done, no matter where you go. I think most parents and babies would agree, this system makes life much easier.

What are other people saying about it?

Mackie says, “I was truly impressed with the build quality right out of the box. It is made of some sort of metal, and felt very solid. No moving or vibrating parts at all, it might as well have been carved out of a block of aluminum. Then I turned it on. The quality of the sound coming from this tiny, smaller than a teacup, speaker was quite simply mind blowing. I haven't been this impressed with anything in quite a long time.”

Jeffrey O. says, “I really enjoy is the Bluetooth capability. Now when I use my tablet to watch a quick show before bed, instead of the tablets speakers or headphones I use this unit as the speaker. This unit and my tablet make for a great Netflix experience on the go… I think it will be great if I share a room with a snorer...and just to feel more relaxed and comfortable. So far, I LOVE IT.”

Where can I get one?

You can find the Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sound Therapy System here on Amazon for less than $60!

About the Author Samantha Baird