Top 5 Sound Machine and Projectors

When you think of sound machines and projectors, you most likely assume they are technological gadget meant for adults. While adults love sound machines which mimic ocean waves, thunderstorms, and calming tones, babies and toddlers benefit from these machines as well.

A sound machine is exactly what it says it is—a device programmed to play a series of sounds such as tunes, or white noise which help a baby or child fall asleep. The effect is soothing and lulls the little one into a sleepy state easier.

For many people, aside from babies, background sounds provide a way to relax and feel safe; it also relieves anxieties so the body can fall into a state of calm, making a clear way to rest healthier. White noise can be understood by thinking of an empty radio station. The sound is produced electronically, masking background noises. A white noise machine will only play static, whereas, a sound machine offers many more options via songs, nature sounds and other audio preferences.

Sound machines and projectors are extremely popular and used widely by parents to aid in a baby’s sleep routine. Babies are used to sounds of the womb, so when they are subjected to a dead quiet environment their underdeveloped reflex system can jolt or startle easy, especially if any unusual sounds occur during the night.

A sound machine is an audio aid to drown out noise and infuse pleasant sounds. Projectors combined with a sound machine offer the baby a beautiful visual cue to encourage a sleepy state that is comforting and safe.

Different types of baby sound machines

Manufacturers and distributors of baby care products are quick to develop different versions of sound machines and projectors for babies, each new model topping out the last one with more features.

There are different types of sound machines. Some play just white noise, while others represent a cute stuffed animal. Some are portable, meant to take on the go. Then there are combination machines which can have both sound and projection functionality and now you can even find combination machines which have a camera, alarm or a monitor. If you are ready to make your baby’s night time a better experience, consider the top 5 sound machine and projectors listed below.

This is easily the highest in demand for a perfect sound machine. Cloud b also has a sweet bunny, fox, giraffe, and monkey to choose from. All of which are extremely popular. This cute little animal will play eight different sounds, and comes with an auto-sleep timer, with two options; either 23 minutes or 45 minutes, and then it will turn off.

The stuffed animal is completely washable. All you need is two AA batteries to get this cute sound machine started, and then you can select either nature sounds or lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep.

Another popular product made by Cloud B is Tranquil Turtle which is a combination sound machine and projector. And what a great little projector this turtle has. He projects a blue light in a gentle wave motion. You can select the ocean waves on the sound machine and have your baby soothed by the calming illusion of the seaside.

The nightlight has many adjustment levels for brightness and movement. The volume control has 6 preset levels. There is a only one 23 minute setting for the timer, but with everything else that is included, you won’t mind.

When you receive Tranquil Turtle, you will notice is already comes with the three required AA batteries, plus an adoption certificate, and a short illustrated storybook.

Whether you choose Ocean Waves or Tranquil Melody to play while letting the soft blue lights mesmerize your baby, one thing is for certain, both baby and parents find this huggable turtle a lovely addition to the family.

Attention needs to be brought to this snazzy sound machine. While it appears to advertise to adults, the features on it are suitable for children and babies too. It would be difficult to pass up a popular product like this due to all its functions. How about a brilliant light show with a multitude of colors? There are 8 brightness modes all meant to create a peaceful environment. Better yet, is the sound machines capability to add an MP3 player, computer or mobile phone? Why not Stream in your own personal preferences in music or even audio books?

You can create moving ocean waves, or morph colors; it is all up to you. This cool sound machine is perfect for either child or adult. It can be battery powered or USB powered. The flexibility is what makes this one of the best sound machine and projectors on the market.

People love looking at the night sky and constellations transposed on their bedroom ceilings and walls. Babies are no different. The ominous Aurora Borealis and nebular light is mesmerizing to all. With Lumosi, you are going to fall in love with the illuminated atmosphere this sound machine and projector create.

The Lumosi doesn’t come with preprogrammed songs or sounds, but does come with high quality speakers that can be connected to almost any device. This awesome machine includes a separate glowing nightlight which stays on after the night light projector shuts off in an hour, keeping a soft light in the room for the baby all night.

Expect a wide panoramic effect with Lumosi thanks to the lamp’s 45 degree tilt and the capability to project in any direction. You will get greater flexibility with this product due to a longer cord and audio jack included. Lumosi has designed a truly functional product which is impressive.

The Relaxing Star Projector is another impressive product new to the market, and quickly becoming a favorite. It has all the bells and whistles of projecting the starry night sky which alternates lights and rotates positions. On top of this, the sound machine emits nature sounds.

Choose from six audio modes of sounds like rain, ocean waves, and forest birds, babbling brooks, waterfalls and crickets. You will also receive a speaker adapter and a headphone jack. Gift your child with this amazing machine for a better night’s sleep.

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