Top 5 Products For Helping Parents of Newborns Get More Sleep

Learning to sleep with a new, small, vulnerable and sometimes loud member of the family can be a challenge. This is why new parents need all of the help that they can get. Congratulations on just becoming a mom or dad! We know that it’s a very exciting and difficult period at the same time. This is why the article is dedicated to highlighting some of the products that will enable you to enjoy better sleep.

Portable Bassinet

While a portable bassinet is more of a thing for the baby to enjoy, it still has a profound impact on mom and dad’s sleep.

A portable bassinet is lightweight and very easy to move around. You can have your little one in the nursery or in your bedroom depending on the circumstances. This portable sleeping solution makes it much easier to check on your baby without having to get up and walk around the house.

Portable bassinets are also perfect for family trips. If you plan to enjoy a vacation away from home in the near future, you will definitely need one.

A Co-Sleeper

The co-sleeper is another brilliant invention that will give you peace of mind throughout the night. It enables moms and dads to check on a newborn without even getting out of bed.

The co-sleeper attached to the bed while it maintains a separate sleeping space for the baby. There’s a removable drop size making the installation process a piece of cake. The co-sleeper makes it very easy to nurse a newborn or to soothe a child that isn’t falling asleep.

The specific co-sleeper that’s presented here is suitable for both newborn and older children. There are co-sleepers that are created especially for newborns. Such products, however, can’t be used for much longer than one year.

Close and Secure Sleeper

If you don’t want to invest in a co-sleeper but would still like to have the baby in the room with you, this may be an option that you’ll be interested in. The Close and Secure Sleeper makes it possible to have the baby sleeping in your bed without any risk of accidents.

This product can typically be placed between two pillows. It creates an individual sleeping space for the baby in an adult’s bed. Head and foot barriers are incorporated in the design to reduce any risk of entrapment.

Looking like a little nest, the sleeper is much more cost-efficient and it also gives you the benefits of having the baby in the room. A mom can effortlessly nurse and go back to sleep without having to get up and walk to another room.

Intelligent Toys

This is yet another option that may seem as a product entirely created for the comfort of the baby. While this is definitely the case, such toys also enable parents to get a bigger number of sleep hours during the night.

Toys like this plush sheep by Zazu Kids have sensors that turn them on whenever the baby wakes up. Apart from being soft and great for cuddling, this toy comes with a voice and touch activated sound machine. There are six options to choose among – white noise, heartbeat and music.

Many kids need such soothing sounds to fall asleep. In addition, intelligent toys like this plush sheep give little ones a bit of comfort and make them no feel alone during the night.

Various companies manufacture such touch and sound-activated soothing toys. It’s simply a matter of knowing what your baby likes the most and what kinds of sound programs will deliver the best results.

Blackout Curtains

While the previous entries have all been pretty much related to keeping a baby calm, this one is entirely created for the needs of parents. Having the perfect sleeping conditions in the bedroom is one of the keys to proper relaxation, especially if you feel stressed after the birth.

Blackout curtains keep all light outside the bedroom. Perfect darkness is one of the most important prerequisites for improving sleep quality. You will find it easier to fall asleep quickly and you’ll also be more energized in the morning.

The use of blackout curtains will also keep heat and noise outside the bedroom. These two indirect benefits could also be important for enhancing sleep quality.

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