Top 3 Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

You may have a traditional alarm clock, or you may use your smartphone, but do you have a wake up alarm clock? You are probably thinking all alarm clocks are the same, give or take a few features.

Many of us spend the morning reaching over and hitting a snooze button, begging for a few more minutes to accustom to the thought of having to crawl out of bed. Imagine a morning when you don’t have to hit the snooze button a billion times. Imagine waking up to an alarm clock with huge benefits instead of startled noise. You can have this. You can wake up warm and fuzzy, happy to embrace the day. Your day will begin on a sweet note, and grumpiness will be a morning pastime.

What exactly is a wake up light alarm clock?

Well, they kind of look like alarm clocks and are similar in which you actually have to set the time to get up. However, you will not be hearing sound first. Instead, you are going to experience a dim light at approximately 20 to 40 minutes before your alarm goes off. The light will gradually get brighter the closer it is to the alarm time. The resulting effect is to turn your room into a late morning light by the time you actually wake up. Add a more calming sound as your alarm and you have a brilliant recipe for a good morning.

There are benefits to using a wake up light alarm clock

  • Wake up lights gradually ease the body from its REM sleep state. When in a lighter sleep state, you are less likely to wake up stressfully.
  • This is perfect for areas where the sun doesn’t come up early, which can be a problem for your internal body clock throwing you out of balance and making you more tired.
  • Your energy levels will improve from feeling like you are waking up when you are naturally supposed to. You are ready to face the day.
  • If you have to get up before natural light shines in your room, this means turning on the light. The startling effect of bright light can trigger a less pleasant mood, and set the tone for your day. Adjusting your eyes in a sudden high light is no fun for anyone. A wake up light alarm clock gradually awakes you with a low level of light, making it a natural healthy process.

If waking up in the morning to multiple alarm times, hitting the snooze button over and over, or getting up feeling lousy, you are the perfect candidate for a wake up light alarm clock.

How to find a great wake up light alarm clock

Some of wake up light alarm clocks look like a sleek gadget from the future. However, aside from the initial appearance, there are features to consider, such as:

  • Brightness of the light
  • Alarm sounds
  • Adjustable light settings
  • Type of lighting

Top 3 Best Wake up Light Alarm Clocks

After extensive research, we found the very best in wake up light alarm clocks all fall under the popular brand name Philips. It was by studying these products, and not by chance, the top 3 best wake up light alarm clocks are made by Philips.

Philips HF3606

What it lacks in abundance of features, it makes up for this with simplicity. You can expect a great service with the Philips HF3606. It is the yellow light melded with warmth that gradually wakes you up with a 30 minute gradual increase. You will also have the option between 2 pleasant wakes up sounds or the FM radio. You will also notice the buttons are touch sensitive.

Also included in this futuristic clock, you get the additional benefit of a diminishing light mode for an easy evening into slumber. This particular model does come with a snooze button, but doubt if you will need to use it. And don’t worry about the sleek circular shape, it has rubber on the bottom to keep it securely in place.

Philips HF3471

Another great Philips product is this cylindrical shaped wake up light alarm clock. It has some extra features not found on other models. You will still benefit from the 30 minute gradual increase in the light, and you still get the 3 natural sounds for the alarm or FM radio, and there is an additional alarm tone.

The warm glow derives from a replaceable halogen bulb which is 100 percent UV free. This model includes the diminishing light mode for night rest.

Philips HF3520

Last season, this was the number one seller, and continues to reign as one of the very best wake up light alarm clocks on the market. It has a variety of features which are pretty cool. Think about waking up to a colored sunrise simulation or falling asleep to a sunset simulation.

There are also 20 different brightness settings along with a manual dimming light. This wonder alarm clock has 5 different natural sounds to choose from and you never have to change the bulb. Two alarm settings are available, which can be a great aid for those with varied schedules.

The only downside to this particular model is the light leans on a ‘cool’ tone and not the yellow ‘warm’ tone, which is more preferable in a natural wake up pattern.

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