Kids Sound Machine With Nightlight

Whether you have a baby that needs a lot of time to fall asleep or a toddler who’s afraid of the dark, a sound machine with a nightlight can turn into a valuable tool. The soothing qualities of the gadget turn it in one of the most important components of the bedtime routine.

When shopping for such an i8tem, remember that sound machines aren’t created equal. The following guide will present the best kids sound machine with nightlight, as well as a couple of alternatives that have a sufficiently high quality.

myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

With a price to quality ratio that is difficult to beat, myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector is a best seller on Amazon. Several characteristics turn the sound machine into such a good pick for your baby.

There are several sound programs to choose among. These include ocean sounds, heartbeat and rain. All of them are soothing for little ones – all that you have to do is test all of the sounds to figure out which one is liked best. Three lullaby programs are also available.

The machine is also equipped with a rotating projector. Choose between the three image discs available with the sound machine – an animals disc, stars and an ocean-themed disc. The projector can be used independently of the sound machine and vice versa.

A few other characteristics worth mentioning include an automatic shut off timer (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes), the ability to project the visuals on the walls or the ceiling, easy controls via buttons on top of the machine, volume adjustment and a plastic countertop body that is easy to clean.

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

A bit more expensive, Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine has a couple of additional characteristics that the first sound machine doesn’t bring to the table.

The sound machine features 12 soothing programs like lullabies, white noise and natural sounds. If you’re not happy with the available options, plug in a personal device and use the sound machine as an mp3 player.

A soft-glow nightlight is incorporated in the sound machine’s design.

Some of the other great characteristics of the gadget include a plastic body that is easy to clean, intuitive controls, automatic shut off timer, AC plug in or battery-powered operation and a compact design that makes the machine suitable for travel.

Ocean Wave Nightlight LED Light Projector

The name of this sound machine is pretty self-explanatory. Ocean Wave Nightlight LED Light Projector doesn’t have sound programs of its own but a device can be connected, turning the projector into a player. If your child has some favorite music, you can play that while the machine projects tranquil images on the walls or ceiling.

The projector has four modes – blue, warm white, green and multi-color. Such a colorful display has soothing qualities, which makes Ocean Wave Nightlight LED light projector equally suitable for kids and adults.

The appliance is powered by four AA batteries, it supports external USB devices, there’s a built in automatic shutoff timer and effortless controls.

The First Years Sounds for Silence Deluxe Sound Machine

While this one is the most expensive item on the list, it comes with a number of characteristics that justify the additional expenditure.

The First Years Sounds for Silence Deluxe Sound Machine features melodies and soothing sound programs developed by a pediatrician. Both calming sounds and white noise settings are available. There are six Mozart melody programs, a heartbeat program and ocean waves among many others. In addition, the sound machine can be hooked up to another device, which enables the playing of mp3 files.

A nightlight is also available to illuminate the room and create a tranquil environment. The automatic timer will turn both the light and the sound off after 60 minutes.

Based on a study conducted by Okidokie Ltd., the machine registers a 90 percent success rate when it comes to calming down children and helping them fall asleep.

There are a few additional characteristics worth mentioning – ember color of the nightlight, an included health guide provided with the projector, an AC adapter, the ability to power the machine with batteries and effortless controls.

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