Greatest clock to help kids stay in bed

“How do they do it?”

That’s what all the parents in your community will be saying about you, when you start getting more sleep. The healthier, no under eye bags, perkier version of you.

Let’s face it. All parents have to sacrifice some sleep, especially with newborns. But who ever said you can’t take back control of your nighttime and morning routine once they get to be a little older? No one, that’s who.

Make parenthood look easy with the greatest clock to help kids stay in bed, the Onaroo Teach Me Time! Talking Clock & Night Light.

If you don’t already own one, I strongly suggest you go to the store after you finish reading and purchase one for your tot.

Oh, and make sure if you have other young children that you get one for them, too. It will be the best thing that they won’t want to share.

This clock is the greatest clock to help kids stay in bed because it:

  • has a soft yellow light that shines throughout the night to provide a sense of safety for kids who are afraid of the dark;
  • turns green in the morning when it is OK for them to get out of bed, according to the settings mom and dad have established
  • can be completely customized to fit every child, boy or girl, with its interchangeable blue, pink, and yellow color choices of bezels;
  • has a design that can fit the decor and style of any room;
  • provides a time-telling game that can keep kids busy with an educational activity until the clock turns green in the morning;
  • can be converted to suit older children, with all the appealing features that mom and dad’s alarm clock have;
  • comes with an optional battery back-up and an AC power adapter;
  • comes in at an affordable $40.

What does all this mean for mom and dad?

No parent wants to buy thing after thing after thing for their child, hoping that one of them will stick. That’s just money you’re throwing out the window. Rest assured, this clock will become your child’s best friend, talking with them, playing with them, and keeping them safe while mom and dad are in their bed. They won’t want to let go of it until they are almost into double digit years of age, making your money go farther.

The Onaroo Teach Me Time! Clock is by far the greatest clock to help kids stay in bed longer not only because of its subtle suggestions using calming color changes, but it also gives them something to do. For your early riser, practicing time-telling can be made fun with all the interactive games and voices. And all this gives you more time to get more out of your morning, whether that means sleeping, cleaning, or even working.

  • Pros: affordable, can be converted into a “big kid” clock from a tot clock, teaches time-telling skills using fun, engaging activities, has both a digital and analog clock face, difficult for children to disturb the settings, the night-light is optional
  • Cons: can’t be programmed for both bedtime and daytime naps, tricky set-up

Final Thoughts:

It has all the necessary features, and none of the extras you don’t need. And, it can save you from having to train your kids to stay in bed past 5 am on your own. With a kid-friendly gadget like this, you will be asking yourself, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

What are other people saying?

Sean M. says, “Anything that keeps my 4 year old in bed (at least in his bedroom) past 6am deserves 5 stars! The set up was a bit annoying, but my son loves this. He loves pressing the button and hearing the time and I love that he stays in his room until the clock turns green at 7am.”
F.L. Fabrizio says, “Our 5-year-old special needs son was starting to wake up earlier and earlier each morning (6:30 then 6am then 5:30am...) Desperate for a solution he could understand, we tried this clock. Perfect! Solved the problem in 2 days. We simply said that you need to stay in bed till it turns green, and he now gets excited to wake up in the morning and check if it has turned green! He also likes to push the button and hear it tell him the time, and it's helping spur his interest in numbers. So happy with this purchase!”

So where can I get one?

You can find the greatest clock to help kids stay in bed, the Onaroo Teach Me Time! Clock, here on Amazon for about $28 plus shipping.

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