Cool Bedroom Star Projector

When you were little, your parents would tuck you into bed at night, maybe sing you a song or read you your favorite bedtime story. But when you told them you still weren’t tired they would recommend counting sheep.

That’s it. That’s all you got!

All those sheep did was make you dizzy and you would find yourself wishing upon a star that you could just fall asleep already! It’s no wonder your kids hate bedtime. Can you blame them?

Well, my friends, your wish has come true. Counting sheep is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Especially with all these cool bedroom star projectors to choose from!

Which one is the coolest? I think most kids and parents would agree, it’s The Homestar Extra.

Read on to find out why!

This cool bedroom star projector:

  • gives off enough light to be a great night light for those kids who need to keep the boogie monster away;
  • provides an alternative method to teaching about science, star constellations, and outer space than the boring science books;
  • comes with a remote control for your convenience;
  • includes multiple star discs to use that display different parts of the night sky, including but not limited to the “starry sky of Japan”;
  • is manufactured by the legendary SEGA;
  • looks like a neat updated version of R2D2;
  • comes with a manual, handbook, AC power cord, and three stellar original plate software discs;

And best of all, it depicts clear, realistic images of the night sky on your child’s bedroom ceiling so your child can keep learning about the world around them right up until they close their eyes at night.

Some of the many features of this cool bedroom star projector include randomly placed shooting stars, varying rotation speed control, and timers. SEGA really thought of everything you may ever need or want in a star projector with this masterpiece.

But, suffice to say, all of these fancy bells and whistles come at a price. This gaudy gadget comes in at a whopping $2,600+, something many parents might shutter at. Don’t worry, though. We’ve come up with a solution for you. Keep reading to find out what it is!

What does all of this mean for mom and dad?

With something so beautiful, powerful, and educational at your child’s fingertips, who needs to count sheep. Your child can fall asleep every night under the stars. Who knows? Mom and dad may overstay their welcome in their kids’ bedrooms trying to do just the same.

A planetarium at your fingertips, what a wish come true! You’ll be the coolest parent on the block, guaranteed. Look out, here come the endless sleepover parties!

Having trouble at bedtime? Is your child less than thrilled when they hear the words “it’s time for bed”? This one little projector is guaranteed to get your stubborn child to love bedtime, giving you more time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your adult evening.

  • Pros: made with detailed accuracy so kids can learn even at bedtime, doubles as a night light, convenient use of a remote, timer settings available, gets your kids excited for bedtime
  • Cons: that price!

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a star projector that is breathtaking and can teach your child science, this beauty is well worth the investment.

What are other people saying?

Ethan says, “Very amazing. This is the best that you can buy. I purchased mine for far less. I suppose the price varies based on exchange rates. If you search online there is a company that will swap the LED in the model one step down from this so that the cheaper model is as bright as this one.”

Devin W. says, “Every time I turn it on I'm in sincere wonder over the quality of the image that this planetarium produces. Living in the city, as I do, I value being able to go to sleep under the stars each night, seeing the Milky way slowly rotate in the sky, shooting stars gracefully flying overheard. It's a great product, very well designed.”

So where can I get one?

This cool bedtime star projector, The Homestar Extra, can be found here on Amazon for around $2,600.

If you aren’t sold, if that price is just too scary for you, no worries. There is a similar, but more basic model that can be found for far less than The Homestar Extra. It’s called The Homestar Classic.

Want the cheaper version? The Homestar Classic can be found here on Amazon for about $125.

How about wishing upon that star now?

About the Author Samantha Baird