Best Nursery Night Light

So you’re expecting to welcome your little one into the world in just a few short months. Congratulations mom and dad! This is an exciting time for you both, but it can also be very hectic, especially if this is your first child.

Many things will be changing, one of them being your beloved sleep schedule. Let me save you some pain and suffering by telling you about an invaluable “parent hack” many parents have come to know and love.

Get a night-light for your baby’s nursery. It will allow you to see what you’re doing during those late-night feedings and diaper changes, while keeping your baby in a restful state. This will make it easier for your baby to fall back to sleep, giving you more time to catch those zzz’s.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “There are way too many options. How do I know which one to buy? I only want the best for my baby.”

Say no more. Read on to find out what the best nursery night light is to buy for you and your baby.

It’s called the KinderGlo Portable Night Light.

Why is it the best nursery night light?

This night light:

  • has an auto-off and an all-night option;
  • comes with a rechargeable base, so there are no batteries to worry about;
  • is completely safe for your child to hold, being BPA- and lead-free, and never getting hot;
  • can be stationary or used as a lantern for kids needing to use the potty late at night;
  • is only $21 on Amazon.

What does this mean for mom and dad?

It’s important for me to note that most newborns aren’t afraid of the dark. They are too young to understand it. When we are in complete darkness, we sleep better because our bodies sense the darkness and produce the sleep hormone, melatonin, to put us into a deeper sleep. Having a light on all night may encourage their body to produce less of this hormone and cause sleep problems.

That makes the auto-off option crucial to your newborn. After 30 minutes, the night light will automatically shut off so you can use it to see what you’re doing during every feeding or diaper change throughout the night without disturbing your baby’s sleep cycle.

For kids 2 and older, the darkness may scare them and they may refuse to sleep without the light on all night. This is a great time to use the all-night option, and the batteries are sure to last all through the night.

What about my child’s safety?

Have no fear mom and dad! This night light is meant to stay outside the crib or bed, but in cases where it may come into the bed with the child, it has no cord, is BPA- and lead-free, doesn’t get hot, and uses a white LED light with no more than 4-7 watts to help your child sleep better instead of a blue LED light that can keep your child from sleeping more soundly.

And the price?

You can find night lights out there anywhere between $5-100. But, really, anything over $40 includes many things your baby doesn’t need and anything too cheap usually won’t last. So at $21, this is a great investment that will meet the needs of you infant, toddler, and sometimes even beyond.

It can also come in different shapes, such as a quarter moon, elephant, owl, dinosaur, and 5 others for a total of 9 characters. Your child can pick their favorite character and choose between 4 color settings for the night light itself, allowing their personality to shine through.

  • Pros: safe, easy to turn on and hold for little tikes looking to use the potty at night, many color and character options, affordable, encourages baby’s natural sleep tendencies, it doesn’t have any of the extra fluff that your baby doesn’t really need, it can last from birth right on through and beyond toddler years
  • Cons: may be too bright for some kids, some parents think that rechargeable batteries don’t last as long as regular batteries

Final Thoughts:

Fun, safe, simple, cute, portable, and affordable? The KinderGlo Portable Night Light is definitely where it’s at!

What are other people saying about it?

Tonya P. says, “...this is the perfect night light.”
Rachael Good says, “This [alarm clock] is so cute and lightweight. The amount of light it gives off is perfect. Also, I've already accidentally spiked it into the ground (charger and all) and it was fine. The texture is great, and it will be easy for little hands to hold on to it.”

Where can I get one?

Purchase the best nursery night light here on Amazon starting at $19.58 plus shipping!

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