Best Infant Songs to Get Your Kids to Sleep

Infant Songs


As every parent around the world can attest to, there are few things in life more frustrating than the sound of your baby crying at the middle of the night. Quite often, during the first months of our children’s life we devolve to shades of ourselves, our constantly puffy eyes reminiscent of those of a panda – the dark circles being courtesy of our sleep deprivation. The picture is complete with the permanent coffee clutched in our hands.

So how can you put a baby that is hell-bent on staying awake to sleep? Luckily, science has some answers. A consistent, nightly bedtime routine is our friend. In fact, it can even be beneficial to paternal and maternal mood. Can you guess what would be a great addition to your routine?

Music and song. Particularly, your singing. If this as piqued your interest, read forward to uncover some EXCELLENT ways to sleep your kid away into a night long trip to the blissful Dreamland.


Your most obvious choice would be to pick an already established song to sing to your little ones. Despite what one may think, this can prove to be rather difficult unless one is well accustomed with relaxing tracks and frequents that music corner of youtube – or any other similar platform.

We have searched the length and breadth of the Internet, brought our old collections upside-down, asked friends, family and specialists and came up with a few song ideas your infant is likely to fall in love with.

Our favorite was “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight“, by the Spaniels. The title says it all. Here goes a part of the lyrics:

“Goodnight, sweetheart, well it’s time to go

Goodnight, sweetheart, well it’s time to go

I hate to leave you, but I really must say

Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.”

A close second would definitely be the following classic reggae track by elite chill expert Bob Marley: “Three Little Birds“. Whatever is stressing or ailing our your little baby this song will definitely wash it comfortably away.

“Don’t worry about a thing

‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright

Singing’ don’t worry about a thing

‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright”

We all have our hopes and aspirations for our children. Often times, as children grow up, they end up taking vastly different paths than we had envisioned for them. Nevertheless, we always want the best for them. The following Bob Dylan song, “Forever Young“, another EXCELLENT tool to your arsenal, says it best:

May God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true

May you always do for others, and let others do for you

May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every rung

May you stay Forever young



Our first favorite is the old time classic, “Hush Little Baby“. We are talking about the original version, not the Eminem “Mockingbird” track – you don’t want to sing that to your baby, unless you have some peculiar parenting views.

“Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird don’t sing

Mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turns brass

Mama’s gonna buy you a looking glass.


So hush little baby, don’t you cry.
Daddy loves you and so do I.”

Another beautiful lullaby for you to try is called, uhm, “Lullaby“. Not too innovative a title, sure, but the song content is well worth it. Jack Johnson’s lyrics are very beautiful, reassuring and comforting – in order words, this lullaby is EXACTLY what you need. You get bonus points for introducing your children to great music from an early age.

“When you’re so lonely lying in bed

Night’s closed it’s eyes but you can’t rest your head

Everyone’s sleeping all through the house

You wish you could dream but forgot to somehow

Sing this lullaby to yourself”


If searching for calming, soothing songs and melodies – let alone the singing of it – seems like too much for work you, we don’t judge. There are other handy tools at your disposal to pull this off. The secret lies on your very Smartphone. Did you know how many cleverly designed, sleep inducing apps there are out there for you to try? We have rounded up our two favorites out of the whole bunch, designed for both infants and older children for you to give a try: Sleepy Sounds and Baby Shusher.

Sleepy Sounds, available for both iPhone and Android, is an app designed to take care of any sleeping difficulties your babies might have. In fact, it can also be used by adults with insomnia. There are four options for you to pick from:

  • Lullabies: The app has its own selection
  • White Noise: Soothing white noise with no no lyrics. For deep sleep.
  • Nature Sounds: Bring the sounds of a forest right at the comfort of your own home.
  • Own Music: Add your own recordings or music from your phone and tablet.

The Baby Shusher app is designed following doctor-tested techniques and practices in order to develop a product that will remind a baby what it was like being in their mother’s very womb – a state far more effective in inducing sleep, calmness and tranquility.

What is most interesting, however, is the app has the capability to adjust its volume to your baby’s cries. Should your baby be wailing loudly, for example, the shush volume would likewise increase. When your baby starts to get quit, the app’s shushing drops down to a background noise level.

You have the option of setting up your app to work from fifteen minutes all the way up to eight hours of continuous shushing. This app is something you can only appreciate if you try it. If you’re short on time, and you have yet to find an answer for your baby’s sleeping woes, this might be exactly what you are looking for.

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