Best Baby Sound Machine

After they’re born, babies experience a huge change in the environment that they’re used to. In the womb, babies feel the heartbeat of their mom and various other sounds that her body makes. The outside world could be frighteningly silent.

Using a sound machine is one of the best ways to create a soothing environment that will help a little one fall asleep. The best baby sound machine has a sufficient number of features and a medley of programs that have a calming effect.

Cloud b on the go Travel Sound Machine Soother

What could be better than a sound machine that comes disguised in the form of a cuddly toy? Cloud b on the go Travel Sound Machine Soother looks like a plush sheep and it has a number of features that turn it in a best seller.

There are four sound programs to choose among – stream, ocean waves, spring showers and whale sounds. A button panel is available on the side of the toy. All that you have to do is press the button for the respective sound program. Volume controls are available, as well.

The machine comes with an automatic shut off timer. It will stop playing the sounds after either 23 or 45 minutes.

A few other cool characteristics include a very small size that makes the sound machine easy to carry around, a Velcro strap that makes the toy easy to attach to a stroller and battery-powered (2 AA batteries) operations.

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is equally suitable for use by kids and parents that have difficulties falling asleep. The main aim of this machine is to create natural white noise that will mask disturbing sounds and create a peaceful environment in the bedroom or nursery.

There are 10 sound programs to choose among. Volume controls are available for easy adjustments. The sounds themselves are natural and chosen for their ability to promote relaxation. This means that the sounds aren’t too loud and some volume tweaks may be required.

This machine is on the inexpensive side. If you are looking for a budget solution, you’ll be happy with this one. It doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles that other baby sound machines are equipped with but it will get the job done.

myBaby HoMedics Sound Spa

A compact design turns this sound machine in a perfect gadget to use on the go. myBaby HoMedics Sound Spa also comes with intuitive controls and effortless adjustments. You will need just a little bit of time to identify the settings that have the most soothing impact on your baby.

There are four soothing programs that the machine can play – heartbeat, lullabies, ocean sounds and a white noise program that will mask out disturbing noise. The machine features an automatic shutoff timer that can be set for 15, 30 or 45 minutes.

Volume controls are also incorporated in the design. All of the buttons are large and they feature an icon, giving you a clear idea about what each one does.

The appliance is battery-powered, thus it can be used during a stroll in the park and it can also be taken on a family vacation.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

This machine is the only one in the list that has a soothing design further enhancing the effect of the

Sound programs.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother has four soothing sound modes – melodies, melodies and lights, ocean sounds and ocean sounds with light and motion. Easy volume controls are available and it’s also a breeze choosing the right program. There are also 10 classical melodies that the sound machine can play.

A universal crib attachment makes the sound machine incredibly easy to install in a spot that will enable observation.

The ocean creatures move around in the display window (when the right mode is chosen). Lights are also used to create an even more soothing effect. The sound machine comes with a unique drift off feature – the lights and the melodies soften gradually in 10 minute intervals.

There are several additional characteristics – the machine can be used on a countertop rather than attached to the crib, a remote control is available for effortless adjustments, a low battery light and a large display window.

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