5 Things to Do Before Bed To Have a Good Sleep

Things to Do Before Bed

Are you constantly waking up tired in the morning? How you sleep has a major impact on how well-rested you are for the new day. In order to ensure you get quality sleep and are well-rested the morning afterward, you can do the 5 following things.

1. Don’t use any electronic device for 15-20 minutes before your bedtime

While electronic devices like tablets and cell phones have made our lives easier, they have also become a nuisance. Using your cell phone in bed before bed not only keeps you up later than you anticipate but it also has a bad effect on your eyes right before you sleep. The light from the device will prevent you from going to sleep right away after you are done using it. So the best measure to take is to keep all electronic devices to the side well before you decide to sleep.

2. Reflect on your day

It is important that before you go to bed, you reflect on your day. You can go through the day and look back on the various activities you did, what you accomplished and what is left to be done. Now don’t dwell too much on what is to be done because that can keep you up all night if it is something major. Be sure to an emphasis on what you accomplished as it will allow your brain to relax knowing your day was productive and also plan what is in store for the coming day.

3. Stretch

Taking 5-10 minutes to stretch before you sleep can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep. Stretching before bed allows you to relax your muscle and get them activated for bedtime, this is especially important if you sit a lot and have a desk job. It also ensures you don’t have any cramps in any part of your body while you sleep.

Good Sleep

4. Drink water and use the bathroom

While this is probably an obvious suggestion, not many people follow through with it. Drinking a glass of water before bed is important because it ensures you stay hydrated while you sleep. Think about it, your body will go 6-8 hours with consumption of water so it is important that you consume it before you sleep. You should also use the bathroom before you sleep otherwise you will end up disturbing yourself during the night when you get up to do it.

5. Meditate

Stress is a common problem that really has an impact on our sleep cycle and pattern. You don’t want to get into bed stressed out about one thing or another. The best way to clear your mind is to meditate before going to bed. You can take 5 minutes to close your eyes, clear your mind, and focus on your breathing. This will calm you down and allow you to sleep with a lot more ease.

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