4 Crib Musical Soothers

A soothing crib toy is one of the essentials you should buy prior to the arrival of a baby. Such items are created to have a soothing effect and some of the toys encourage baby development. Soothing sounds and moving figurines are some of the essentials needed to make a crib soother successful.

The market features a wide array of crib musical soothers. Several brands, however, have managed to establish their reputation as leaders in the respective niche. Here are four of these top crib musical soothers.

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile

The crib soother is an absolute best seller on Amazon because of several prominent characteristics. VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile is both a sound machine and a projector. There are four calming lullaby settings and more than 40 additional sounds. At the same time, the crib soother can project ocean-themed images on the ceiling.

Apart from projecting visuals, the toy features four dangling ocean creatures that turn around and capture the attention of the baby.

A timer is available, making the projector and the music go out after a specified period of time (20, 30 or 40 minutes). Intuitive controls are incorporated in the design for effortless adjustments.

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumber Mobile also has a sound sensor trigger – lullabies will start playing whenever the baby cries. The soother can be attached to any kind of crib and as the child grows, it will transform into a fun crib toy.

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Crib Musical Soother

Tiny Love has a couple of great musical crib soothers and this is one of the company’s most popular items.

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Crib Musical Soother comes with easy and universal attachment for all kinds of cribs, beds and playpens. It can also be attached to a stroller or a car seat (the soother will simply have to be taken off the handle).

The soother can play up to 30 minutes of continuous soothing music. At the same time, the dangling toys will spin around slowly to calm the baby.

Taking the toy out of the crib and attaching it to a stroller, for example, is a piece of cake. This creates continuity and consistency – two features required to keep a baby calm and happy.

The device is powered by batteries and these will last for numerous hours of continuous music playing.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Soother uses light, images, motion and music to calm the baby. Lullabies, classical music and rainforest sounds are available. The volume is easily adjustable. A large colorful button in the front activates the sound machine. Both mom and baby can press the button to start playing.

The monkey and the frog in the display window move slowly and there’s also a glowing blue waterfall that the baby can observe. There’s also a fish in the water and small air bubbles rise up. Colorful lights will also come on and off, enabling the little one to fall asleep faster.

Fisher-Price’s crib musical soother comes with three modes of music and light, varying lengths of play time, effortless crib attachment and battery-powered operation.

Lamaze Crib Soother

The Lamaze Crib Soother is somewhat similar to the Fisher-Price toy. It comes with soothing colorful lights that go on and off while the music is playing.

The machine itself has four soothing musical selections. In addition, you can attach any device to it and play mp3 files. The lights will go on and off following the beat of the music, which allows for a little bit of customized fun.

There’s a large ladybug button in the front part of the crib soother. Thus, the baby can easily learn to turn the machine on and off without parental help. Volume adjustments are available additionally.

Lamaze Crib Soother is very easy to install. A quick-crib attachment is provided with the toy, making it suitable for use with all kinds of cribs. A parent can choose between lights only, sound only and light and sound modes.

There are only a few shortcomings when it comes to this product, which is why it didn’t get the top position. It misses an automatic shut off timer. In addition, you can’t play the sound that you’re interested in directly. You’ll have to pass through the available modes until you reach the one that you want.

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