3 Best Star Light Projectors

Do you know what’s one of the easiest and most fun options for changing the atmosphere in your home? A projector can transform every single room. Light projectors are used to make a pattern on the ceiling and the walls. The shapes and the light colors are determining for the types of visuals that will be projected.

Using projectors can help you accomplish multiple goals.

For a start, a light projector is great for use in the bedroom of your child. The light patterns will create a serene environment, making it easy for little ones to feel secure and to fall asleep. Some adults have a preference for such projectors, as well.

Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro

Laser Stars Indoor Light Show

Sega Homestar Original Black Planetarium

Projectors can also create a romantic atmosphere and they’re fun little appliances that can be used on a date or a party that you plan to have at home. The light patterns will immediately change the ambiance in the room, making it a lot cozier.

Finally, the right kind of projector can be used for educational purposes. A star light projector that features actual constellations will give children a real-life example of the positioning of stars in the sky. In essence, you can have your own little planetarium at home.

Many companies make star light projectors. Some of these appliances are much more popular among buyers than others because of the price to quality ratio. Without further ado, here are three of the best star light projectors and the reasons why you should consider purchasing these specific products.

Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro

While this star light projector is on the more expensive side, there are frequent discounts that make the item much more affordable. Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro has a number of characteristics that turn it into one of the best star light projectors currently available on the market.

To give you a better idea about the quality of the projector, let’s first take a look at its technical specifications and characteristics:

  • High quality lens: the projector features an optical-quality lens system. This specific of the optical equipment results in a very clear and crisp projections, giving you planetarium-like experience in the comfort of your home.
  • Over 10,000 stars projected on the walls and the ceiling: the pattern results in approximately 10,000 stars being projected. There are two discs to choose among – a starfield disc and an Earth/Moon/Sun disc. The first one will recreate the nighttime sky and the second one can be used to teach kids about planets, their moons and the other bodies in space.
  • Still or rotating projection: there are two viewing modes to choose among. The first one will make the projection rotate slowly on the ceiling. The second one will produce a still image that’s better for educational and demonstration purposes.
  • Effortless focus adjustments: focus changes are possible by rotating the focus wheel of the projector. Turn it until the image becomes clear enough.
  • Additional discs sold separately: apart from the two main discs that the projector is applied with, you can use it with other Uncle Milton discs to increase its versatility. Some of the additional discs available include Northern and Southern Hemisphere discs, a twilight moon disc, a full moon disc, an aurora borealis disc, an Earth view from space disc and numerous others.
  • Adjustable projection angle: it enables you to determine the exact spot where the star light is going to be projected in the room.
  • Automatic shutoff: if you use the projector as a night light in your child’s room, you can pick among two timer settings – 30 and 60 minutes. After the time expires, the projector will shut itself off automatically.

As you can see, the appliance is really versatile and it gives you everything necessary to make a good use of it. This is the main reason why the Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro has gotten such a big number of positive customer reviews. When it comes to buyer testimonials, these are some of the advantages that numerous buyers are happy with:

  • Very high quality of the projection, sharp and crisp image
  • The disc features actual constellations and can be used for educational purposes
  • The design is very sleek and beautiful
  • Easy controls and focus/angle adjustments that even children can make
  • Lightweight and portable, the projector can be taken from room to room and it can also be used during trips
  • Powered by batteries and when these are running out, the brightness of the light isn’t affected
  • The motor that rotates the projection functions silently

Apart from the praise, there have also been a few complaints. The primary ones include:

  • Some buyers experienced issues with jerky movement when the projection rotates (though others have reported no such issues)
  • The additional discs can be a bit expensive
  • A bit expensive in comparison to basic star light projectors
  • The lamp has limited life and will need a replacement sooner or later

Laser Stars Indoor Light Show by HPI Hong Kong Limited

People who are looking for something more affordable than the first entry in the list will be happy with what the Laser Stars Indoor Light Show by HPI Hong Kong Limited brings to the table. This is a much cheaper star light projector but it’s still gotten a big number of positive customer reviews.

A few of the most important characteristics and technical specifications include the following:

  • Built-in key hole: if you plan to use the projector in solely one room, you’ll enjoy the mounting feature. Just choose a wall that’s suitable for the purpose and install the projector. This way, it will be extra-stable and easy to use.
  • It covers a large area: the projector is suitable for use in bigger rooms because it can cover a large area.
  • Comes with a LED light: the powerful LED light results in very bright star projections. The color is warm and realistic, which results in a very soothing ambiance during the night. While the stars are most visible in a completely dark room, the projection will still show if a nightlight is on.
  • Creates a colorful cloud, as well: apart from the star light projection, the appliance creates a colorful “cloud” shadow on the wall because of the available holographic technology. This additional effect makes the space projection much more realistic, relaxing and beautiful to look at.
  • A fun shape: the projector itself is shaped like a three-dimensional star. Thus, apart from creating the right ambiance during the night, it has a beautiful appearance. The projector will quickly turn into one of the accessories that your kids love the most.

Most people that bought and tried the HPI Laster Stars Indoor Light Show were happy with the outcome. According to their testimonials, the projector does precisely what it promises to. A few of the most important advantages mentioned in the buyer reviews include the following:

  • Beautiful and relaxing projections that enhance sleep quality and are also perfect for parties
  • A powerful laser and functional holographic technology that make the lights bright
  • An excellent price to quality ratio, especially when keeping in mind the fact that most other projectors are more expensive
  • The angle of the projection can be changed
  • The projector is suitable for use in big rooms and at party venues because of the size of the projection
  • The stars will rotate slowly, replicating the actual appearance of the night-time sky

Though the projector is a lot of fun, it misses the mark in a couple of important ways. The most prominent shortcomings include the following:

  • There are no replacement parts to be found if the light eventually burns out
  • The constellations aren’t real ones, which means that it can’t be used for educational purposes
  • Some people report that when the projection rotates, the machine does make a noise

Sega Homestar Original Black Planetarium

The Sega Homestar Original Black Planetarium has an excellent price to quality ratio. It’s more expensive than the second entry in the list but various advances characteristics justify the additional expenditure on the item.

Several important characteristics and technical specs are determining for the viewing experience:

  • Ultra-bright LED lights: these produce authentic constellations and will project approximately 60,000 stars on your ceiling and walls. The optimal projection distance is in the range from 59 to 90 inches (150 to 230 centimeters). The size of the projection area (in diameter) is approximately 106 inches (270 centimeters).
  • Adjustable focus and angle: the projector enables effortless focus adjustments to produce the crispest visual possible. The projector also makes it easy to do angle adjustments – all that you have to do is tilt the globe up and down.
  • Timer: the appliance has a timer that enables automatic shutoff after a specified period of time. This feature is particularly beneficial if you plan to use the projector as a nightlight in your child’s room. The possible timer settings include 15, 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Comes with two discs: just like the first product in our buying guide, this one is provided with two viewing discs. Both of these present the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere. Additional discs are sold separately. A few of the available additional discs include the Southern Hemisphere, a view of Earth from space and the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • A double sided poster is provided with the kit: everyone that buys the star light projector will also get a double sided poster that presents sky maps for the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  • An AC adapter: the kit also includes an AC adapter for added convenience.

The Sega Homestar Original Black Planetarium is a high quality projector that creates realistic visuals. Numerous buyers have been impressed by these characteristics. Some of the positive statements mentioned in multiple buyer reviews include the following:

  • Can be used for relaxation and education purposes because of the authentic constellations being projected
  • There’s a really fun shooting star function that ups the fun factor
  • Very crisp and bright visuals due to the focus adjustments and the quality of the LED light
  • A cool design, the projector itself looks rather futuristic and fun
  • Easy controls and adjustments via the available buttons
  • Additional discs are available, turning the projector in a very versatile educational piece• An excellent price to quality ratio
  • Smooth image rotation
  • Compact design – the projector itself doesn’t occupy a lot of space

The benefits are definitely numerous but there are some negative remarks about the product, as well. The cons that get mentioned in more than one buyer testimonial include the following:

  • The additional discs are expensive, which isn’t a good thing taking in consideration the price of the projector itself
  • Some reviewers found it difficult to make the focus adjustments in a dark room
  • Some didn’t really enjoy the shooting star feature, reporting that it doesn’t produce an authentic-looking visual

These are just three of the top options when it comes to star light projectors. Needless to say, the market features a wide array of other options. The three products mentioned in this guide aren’t suitable for use in the bedroom of a young child. If you have a kid who’s aged two or three, you’ll need to examine a separate category of products that are simpler and that are used solely to create the right ambiance in the bedroom.

Remember that quality projectors feature good optical equipment. Thus, you can’t expect to spend a very small amount on the purchase and get the desirable results. Quality projectors come with a price tag of at least 50, 60 dollars. This is particularly true for the ones that feature authentic constellations and create the planetarium experience at home.

If possible, test such a machine prior to making a purchase. Visit the home of a friend that already has one. By putting your hands on a projector, you’ll get a better idea about the most important features and the ones you should be looking for when doing the research.

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